Growth Builders

Sustainable growth for small businesses

I build the foundations, so you can focus on the growth.

~ Jeroen Rodenstein

Who is your Growth Builder?

My name is Jeroen (yuh-roon) Rodenstein and I help small businesses and start-ups to lay the foundations for growth.

My clients are generally talented entrepreneurs and strong operators, who have great growth opportunities, but face challenges to capitalise on these. It could be an established business whose growth has plateaued, or a start-up who is just setting up operation. They often experience some obstacles, miss the right capability in their teams or simply lack of time to make major shifts.

I provide coaching, special expertise and on the ground project support, to set the business up for further growth. The journey usually starts with a short in-take and quick-scan of the company, and then progresses in specific projects where I work very closely with the founders and execs. As opposed to the traditional consulting, I take full ownership of the projects and take pressure of the client’s team. As such, I get very tangible results, extremely happy clients and lots of word-of-mouth referrals.

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About my background

My career has brought me to 3 different continents. After my Master of Science in Business, I started my professional journey in 2002 as management consultant and project manager in The Netherlands. In my second career step, I joined a multinational software company and lived and worked in Hyderabad, India. Assuming full P&L responsibility at age 30, I turned the loss-making operation of the Dutch branch around within a year, to double-digit profit margins. When I moved to Australia in 2008, I joined Westpac where I led challenging programs and teams in a complex corporate banking environment with many stakeholders and multimillion-dollar budgets.

My own journey in ‘building sustainable growth’ really started in 2012 at Loving Earth, a health food manufacturing pioneer. In my role as General Manager, I managed the hyper growth and transformed the business from “hand-made / start-up” to a mature player in the organic food market with distribution to major customers in Australia and overseas.

After having mentored a lot of start-ups and small businesses over the years in my own time, I decided to start my own consulting firm in 2019.

I bring the structure, clear thinking, leadership and the can-do attitude that a business needs during times of high change and opportunities. I enjoy a challenge, solving complex problems, using my analytical skills and coming up with new perspectives and ideas. Strategy and planning are in my veins, but I also love rolling up my sleeves to execute on the vision.

Most importantly, I am purpose driven and want to have a positive impact on the world. I am excited and motivated to help the business community in setting themselves up for success.

Advisory services

As an allrounder, I am a very versatile and experienced mentor across most disciplines, including strategy, operations, sales & marketing, IT / Communications, HR and Finance. I have had exposure to a wide array of industries, both products and services based.

  • Mentoring/coaching for founders and executive teams
  • Strategy development; creation of purpose/mission/vision, translating into strategic planning and monitoring
  • P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow management review, unravelling expense categories
  • Operations advise in manufacturing, procurement, logistics and quality control
  • Outsourcing, including private labeling, contract manufacturing and 3PLs
  • Sales & distribution strategy and set up of operations, both local and overseas
  • Product review, range rationalisation, NPD from idea to launch
  • HR strategy, modern awards, EBAs, restructures, OHS and fair work industry guidelines
  • Food Safety, Quality Control, HACCP, labelling, recalls, audits
  • Advise in digital marketing, social media and e-commerce
  • COVID-19 related - eligibility for government support, other grants and subsidies, set up COVID-19 Safety Plans

Examples of recent projects

Below are a number of recent wins with my clients:

  • Set-up outsourced manufacturing of a core product range, creating space at the client’s shopfloor for focussing on manufacturing new (higher margin) products
  • Worked with client to pivot the business model to e-commerce in response to a sudden change in customer behaviour and closure of retail stores
  • Set up distribution to new market (US) through 3PL and collaboration with new sales agent group
  • Managed the set-up of operations for a start-up, including overseas private labelling and local contract logistics partners.
  • Product feasibility review, resulting in delisting and redesigning products that were marginally profitable, as well as developing ideas for new business
  • Successfully applied on behalf of a client for the Export Market Development grant and R&D grant.
  • Access grants and other government support, resulting in recovery of the client’s business from immediate impact of the COVID-19 related restrictions
  • Re-assessed and successfully applied for JobKeeper program for a client who first thought not to be entitled
  • Reviewing GST treatment for retailed products, finding over $50k in overpaid GST, which was reclaimable by the client from the ATO
  • Correctly applying Australian Awards to a client’s workforce, removing the exposure to Fair Work claims